Character Animation Reel

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Hello Folks, Here you go, the Character Animation Reel for iAnimate Submission.

Reel Breakdown List:

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More than Meets The Eye

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Hello there, I hope you guys are doing well since its a Sunday and not a working day for the rest of the world. Well, there’s always exceptions to rules, meet us, the VFX guys, The Animators, The insomniac pack that thrives on people’s happiness, laughter and entertainment and is subjected to all kinds of prejudices and vices. The point of this is simple, we work, we should earn respect like anybody else, is that something that doesn’t fit your budget?

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Blood, Sweat and the Eventual Satisfaction

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“He that would have the fruit must climb the tree..”

I have no idea who said the above line, but I think he was absolutely right about it. This whole year for me was an amalgamation of insane hard work and sweating, that eventually I get to see two of the TV series that I worked on and it’ll be airing on TV. How cool is that? Well, long way to go for me to make it to the big screens but one step at a time. Alright, lets see some pictures, shan’t we?

Redkite Animation’s Wendy

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Blast from the Past_A Grand Reminiscence

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All right folks, I always wanted to write something about some of my experiences in creation of a Short Film, an Animated Short Film long before entering into the production Pipeline way back in 2009. Behold “The Special Gift”.

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Journey to the center of India_For Art, Imagination and Inspiration

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The month of December- The snow did not fall here, neither the spirits of amateur animators from all over India who came to witness the one fabulous event on their journey to almost the center of India in a place which is also known as the Queen of Deccan, Pune. The animation event which I’m vaguely talking about is the Animation Marathon 2011 which took place at the much bigger event venue of animation education moguls SupinFocom, a French animation college collaborating with India’s one of the biggest builders, DSK. So, leaving all the introductions aside, let me cover all the topics about DSK SupinFocom, Animation Marathon 2011, CGTantra, Supinfomania, Gaming Event by GameKshetra, the Shankar Ishan Loy concert, the 24 FPS event, my 12 days of completely unplanned journey and some white air dancing balloons. Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? Well it is..

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Animation: Crème de la Crème!

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Hello There,

Its really tough to write something on the first day of the Blog itself. So, as a good blogger, student and aspiring Character animator i would like to start it with something that i inspire upon and would like to get massively involved some day.


Photo De l'animation

I started this journey three years back knowing nothing about it but had a mind and major attraction towards it. So, started searching for good colleges and came across Picasso Animation At New Delhi. By that time, i started to know about the world renowned companies like Pixar and Dreamworks and BlueSky and so on, the list is long. On memory recollection, these companies were never in my mind before i joined and started animating, well maybe DreamWorks because Dreamworks was already famous with its live action movies so somehow knew about it. And it turned out to be such a great experience knowing about the film industry and the cuter and cuddlier version of the movie industry, which of course is the animation Industry.

To think about the world that i create, i live in is so immensely beautiful and magical but on the downside really very small. Pros is, we can reach each other very soon, wherever we may be! Now, its been 3 years through this journey and with all its awesomeness, I never need to look back at anything. We definitely had out problems but who doesn’t, right?

So, in case you are reading the words through my blog, i must tell you that if you’re passionate and damn determined and a little crazy, this is the world for you to be. You’ll love it!!

Hello Fellas!

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And there you go!

Welcome to Just started today with a fresh installment of WordPress template. Hope you like it and post something about it.


Now, I will be sharing somethings that are highly important and crucial to me and hopefully helpful to fellow animators and people related to the industry all around.

This is my First post here, so will be brief on this account and post some of the links i wanted to post long ago.

My Digital Art DeviantArt HomePage

And My VideoBlog on Youtube

So, will be back soon. Till then take care y’all..


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